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In 2020, the motorcycle export market will fluctuate. Where will the export-oriented enterprises go?

At the beginning of the global COVID-19 epidemic, the demand and sales of bicycles, electric vehicles and motorcycles in Europe, America and Southeast Asia have surged. Everyone feels that the export-oriented motorcycle enterprises are ushering in a new round of explosive growth. However, the fact is cruel. The motorcycle sales in the first half of this year are not good. From January to March 2020, China's motorcycle exports reached 3.29 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 750000 units, or 18.6%. Although the sales volume increased from April to June, there was still a double-digit decline compared with the same period last year.
In the first half of the year, the top ten export motorcycle enterprises were Dachangjiang, Longxin, Yinxiang, Zongshen, Lifan, Xindazhou Honda, Dayun, Guangzhou Haojin, Daye and Luoyang North. The ten enterprises exported 1694600 units, accounting for 61.16% of the total motorcycle exports. Among them, the best performers are Dachangjiang and Daye. There are more than 300000 Dachangjiang vehicles, basically the same as last year. Daye has exceeded 100000 vehicles, with a growth rate of nearly 40%.

In the second half of 2020, the development trend of the COVID-19 is not optimistic, and the economic downturn in Europe and the United States will drag down the export of motorcycles, which will continue for two years. In order to survive, domestic export-oriented motorcycle enterprises will turn their attention to the domestic market. Will these export-oriented enterprises look at the cake of China's domestic motorcycle market? Naturally, it is a popular model in the market. It seems to be eager for quick success and instant benefit, but it is indeed very effective. The top ten export "giants" themselves have good performance in the domestic market, and their sales in China can be improved. However, those small and medium-sized enterprises that are purely export oriented have to face a severe situation. They are not comparable to the motorcycle enterprises that have worked for many years in China. They do not have a solid domestic marketing foundation and user groups, nor do they have a sound sales network and after-sales service system, or even social media and industry media have basically not intersected before. Where are they going?
With this kind of thinking, I was invited to participate in the new product tasting meeting of Changzhou Hanwei Locomotive Technology Co., Ltd. on August 7. I really did not pay too much attention to this brand before, and there was a figure of "HANWAY" at the Milan Auto Show in Italy. Hanway, you may not know much about this brand. In fact, Hanwei Locomotive was founded in 2008. The domestic motorcycle market is dominated by small displacement models. The production and sales of motorcycles are also the peak of the development of China's motorcycle industry, but Hanwei Locomotive insists on focusing on the overseas market. In the 12 year development process, Hanwei Locomotive has successively launched two series of off-road vehicles, namely STM125/200 and STF125/200, and entered the European markets in France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, etc.
Hanwei Locomotive launched these three models for the first time in the domestic market layout. It can be seen that the goal is very clear, that is, to find the most popular models in China. According to the enterprise introduction of Chen Yiming, General Manager of Hanwei Locomotive, the key words for the model positioning of Hanwei Locomotive in the domestic market are: 250 displacement; Retro; Pedals. We can look at some domestic motorcycle market data in the first half of 2020 to verify why Hanwei Locomotives chose these models. In the first half of 2020, the domestic straddle, pedal and bent beam models accounted for 49.89%, 34.91% and 15.21% of the total sales of two wheeled vehicles respectively; Compared with the same period last year, the growth changes were -7.83%, 8.62% and -0.79% respectively. In the first half of 2020, the domestic production and sales of 50 series vehicles were 285500 and 287700, down 17.32% and 17.24% year on year; 110 series produced and sold 847000 and 855300 vehicles, down 18.99% and 18.71% year on year; 125 series produced and sold 1.9222 million and 1.9695 million vehicles, down 21.27% and 18.94% year on year; The 150 series produced and sold 1.2546 million cars and 1.2733 million cars, down 13.68% and 12.71% year on year; The production and sales of 250 series were 468200 and 469200, down 8.68% and 7.67% year on year. The production and sales of 250ml large displacement motorcycles were 81500 and 82800, up 8.96% and 8.39% year on year.
The competent authority of China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle is the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, and the registration authority is the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. The purpose of the Chamber is to coordinate and guide the import and export business of motorcycle products and related activities, and provide consultation and services for members and other organizations; Strengthen industry self-discipline and maintain the normal trade order of motorcycle products; Safeguard the national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of member enterprises, and promote the sustainable, healthy and coordinated development of China's motorcycle product trade. The Chamber of Commerce has always been paying close attention to the status quo and development trend of export-oriented enterprises in the motorcycle industry. Secretary General Zhang Hongbo also attended the first domestic tasting meeting of Hanwei Locomotive "Hand in Hand, Create Brilliance". Secretary General Zhang pointed out that if an export-oriented enterprise does well in export sales, it will do well in domestic sales. Domestic and foreign sales go hand in hand. Enterprises must carry out full domestic market research, understand user needs, and focus on quality and service.
At the first domestic evaluation meeting of Hanwei Locomotives, General Manager Chen Yiming shared the meaning of the Hanwei trademark. The English name and Chinese pinyin are both HAN, representing China, and WAY represents the development route. The brand implies that Hanwei Motorcycle will find a way to develop Chinese motorcycles overseas, so that Chinese motorcycles can go global, and Hanwei will become a national brand in China. Compared with the trademark idea, this evaluation meeting is not so high-profile, but very practical. President Chen hopes that the dealers and media friends participating in the evaluation meeting can understand the development history of Hanwei Locomotives, understand the culture of Hanwei Locomotives, find problems for the three new Hanwei models, and put forward suggestions, so that Hanwei Locomotives can continuously improve their design, improve their quality and service, and let more motorcycle users and enthusiasts across the country know about Hanwei Locomotives. This tasting meeting was attended by representatives of dealers from more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, and also attracted nearly 20 media from the motorcycle industry. In the past 12 years, there has been almost no intersection between the industry media and Hanwei Motorcycle. The gathering of the following shows that everyone is still very concerned about the "shuffle" of the new motorcycle industry. How do you see the "licensing" of export-oriented SMEs?
After visiting the workshop of Hanwei Locomotive Factory and driving a new car, I felt that Hanwei Locomotive, from the general manager, technology, sales to the workers in the grass-roots workshop, is trying to build a good car around the building of a Chinese national brand locomotive of Hanwei Locomotive to show the culture of Hanwei Locomotive.
But it is true that the brand needs products and time accumulation to become a domestic famous brand, especially when it starts to contact with the domestic motorcycle market. It has no experience and no foundation. Maybe it still needs a long way to go in product development and market sales. It is hoped that Hanwei Motorcycle can understand the market as soon as possible, grasp the pulse of domestic motorcycle users, distribute and market as soon as possible, and explore a successful way for the transformation and development of export-oriented motorcycle manufacturers

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Changzhou Hande Locomotive Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a company focusing on locomotive design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service and locomotive culture communication, and has accumulated rich experience and achievements in the locomotive field. The company has been committed to building a global distribution and after-sales service network, and researching and developing innovative products. At present, all products produced are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. In May 2014, the company completed the first phase of a 10000 square meter workshop in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Jiangsu, mainly for office, R&D and assembly workshops; Phase II plant covers an area of more than 8000 square meters, mainly used in engine, stamping, welding and other workshops; The company covers an area of 26640 square meters. At present, the enterprise has more than 150 in-service employees, of which 30% are technical and professional managers, and 50% are graduates from universities or technical secondary schools; The annual production capacity of 100000 complete vehicles and 80000 engines can be reached.

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Founded in 2008, Hanwei Locomotive has always been committed to foreign markets, adhered to the path of independent research and innovation, and accumulated certain experience in the field of locomotive design and manufacturing. This year, Hanwei Locomotive decided to return to the domestic market. On August 7, it released three models in Zhongguancun International Hotel, Liyang, Changzhou. The sports retro model: Furious250SC (HD250), the street car model: Furious250NK (HD250-A), and the urban wheel pedal Flash150T. Chen Yiming, the general manager of the company, explained the return to the domestic market in simple terms, Geng Zhi, the general manager of Chunfeng Power Sales Company, was invited to give a presentation on the two new models of Hanwei's power. At last, Zhang Hongbo, the secretary general of China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, made a summary speech, giving high expectations to Hanwei, as well as an analysis and introduction of the domestic two wheeled car consumer market. Agents and media from all over the country witnessed Hanwei's official entry into China. In order to meet the personalized and diversified needs of domestic consumption, Hanwei will use perfect service to feed back the expectations of users.



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