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Less than 2w, 250 level is the competitor again, and Hanwei Locomotive is the first to launch three new products in China

Hanwei Locomotive should be unfamiliar to everyone. It was founded in 2008 and has been committed to foreign markets. It adheres to the path of independent research and innovation, and has accumulated certain experience in the field of locomotive design and manufacturing. This year, Hanwei Locomotive decided to return to the Chinese market and released three models on August 7
Retro style: Furious250SC (HD250) Price: 19580 yuan

It is equipped with the spring wind 250NK single cylinder water-cooled engine on the same platform, with the maximum power of 19.5kw/9000rpm, the maximum torque of 22Nm/7500rpm, and the maximum speed of 128km/h.


Single disc double piston calipers with front 280mm and rear 220mm, front and rear wheels of 110/70-17 and 150/60-17, respectively, are equipped with abs.


In addition, it is equipped with BOSCH electronic injection system, dual channel ABS low pressure casting aluminum rear flat fork, lens round headlights+round identification driving lights, modern retro full LCD instrument, and personalized design number plate.


Body size (length, width and height) 2050 x 790 x 1100mm, seat height 790mm, curb weight 145kg, wheelbase 1375mm, fuel tank capacity 20L


There are four colors available, namely Extreme Red, Cement Grey, Jet Black and Extinction Magic Blue, as well as three models, namely, the classic version, the wilderness version with vacuum spoke tires, and the fashionable version with TFT instruments.

Street car model: Furious250NK (HD250-A) Price: 19280 yuan


The spring wind 250NK engine is the same as the retro model, with the maximum power of 19.5kw, the maximum torque of 22Nm, and the compression ratio of 11.3:1.


Body size (L, W, H) 1995 x 790 x 1090mm, seat height 765mm, curb weight 145kg, wheelbase 1375mm, fuel tank capacity 13.5L


The configuration is basically the same as that of the retro version. BOSCH electronic injection system, dual channel ABS, original bionic LED headlights with low pressure cast aluminum rear flat forks, aluminum alloy bonded TFT instruments, KAIFA inverted shock absorption and sports car muffler.



Price: 10800 yuan

It is equipped with a self-developed 149.6cc single cylinder 2-valve air-cooled engine, with a maximum power of 8.5kw and a maximum torque of 10Nm.


Delphi EFI system, CBS front and rear linkage brake system, KAIFA shock absorption, full LCD instrument, USB interface, LED signal lights of the whole vehicle, front 16 and rear 14 inch large wheels, super large full helmet seat barrel


车身尺寸(长宽高)2025 x 750 x 1160mm,座高800mm,整备质量118kg,油箱容量7.5L


As a company that has been deeply engaged in foreign countries, when it turns to the domestic market, it will inevitably face many problems, such as different customer needs, and various product indicators to meet domestic standards. For the domestic public, it takes courage to choose a new brand of motorcycle. In order to capture the hearts of the masses, Hanwei needs to make efforts in quality, quality control and performance.

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New choice! Hanwei made modern retro bobber officially released!

Bobber, a friend familiar with vintage cars will never be unfamiliar with the style. With the addition of more and more young knights, the classic and old BOB style is no longer dominant. In recent years, the modern retro style has become popular all over the world.

Hanwei brand is based in Europe and going global

Changzhou Hande Locomotive Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a company focusing on locomotive design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service and locomotive culture communication, and has accumulated rich experience and achievements in the locomotive field. The company has been committed to building a global distribution and after-sales service network, and researching and developing innovative products. At present, all products produced are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. In May 2014, the company completed the first phase of a 10000 square meter workshop in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Jiangsu, mainly for office, R&D and assembly workshops; Phase II plant covers an area of more than 8000 square meters, mainly used in engine, stamping, welding and other workshops; The company covers an area of 26640 square meters. At present, the enterprise has more than 150 in-service employees, of which 30% are technical and professional managers, and 50% are graduates from universities or technical secondary schools; The annual production capacity of 100000 complete vehicles and 80000 engines can be reached.

Hanwei Locomotive officially entered the country, giving perfect feedback to users' expectations

Founded in 2008, Hanwei Locomotive has always been committed to foreign markets, adhered to the path of independent research and innovation, and accumulated certain experience in the field of locomotive design and manufacturing. This year, Hanwei Locomotive decided to return to the domestic market. On August 7, it released three models in Zhongguancun International Hotel, Liyang, Changzhou. The sports retro model: Furious250SC (HD250), the street car model: Furious250NK (HD250-A), and the urban wheel pedal Flash150T. Chen Yiming, the general manager of the company, explained the return to the domestic market in simple terms, Geng Zhi, the general manager of Chunfeng Power Sales Company, was invited to give a presentation on the two new models of Hanwei's power. At last, Zhang Hongbo, the secretary general of China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, made a summary speech, giving high expectations to Hanwei, as well as an analysis and introduction of the domestic two wheeled car consumer market. Agents and media from all over the country witnessed Hanwei's official entry into China. In order to meet the personalized and diversified needs of domestic consumption, Hanwei will use perfect service to feed back the expectations of users.



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