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Test drive the first three new models of Hanwei Locomotive in China, with the price starting from 10800 yuan

Pursuing original design, conforming to new fashion aesthetics, and constantly exploring new fields, Hanwei Locomotive may be unfamiliar to some domestic riders. It is a company focusing on locomotive design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, service, and locomotive culture communication, and is committed to researching and developing innovative products. Because the products are mainly exported to Europe, Asia, North America, South America and other regions, and the main sales force is in the overseas high-end market, the domestic popularity is still rising.


When Hanwei Locomotive was founded 12 years ago, Hanwei officially launched three new products to the domestic market, one from the FLASH sports pedal series and the other from the FURIOUS sports street car series.
On August 7, 2020, Hanwei Locomotive invited many dealers and media across the country to gather in Jiangsu to witness the release of three new products.

In the morning, Mr. Chen Yiming, President of Hanwei Locomotive, thanked the guests and shared with you the experience of the company's efforts to deepen its overseas market over the past ten years, adhere to the path of independent R&D and innovation, and its products have been recognized by Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, accumulating certain experience in the field of locomotive design and manufacturing!



At the press conference, Mr. Chen Yiming introduced three new products officially released by Hanwei Locomotive to the domestic market: Furious250SC, Furious250NK and Flash150T. The price of three new cars was announced at the dinner on the same day:
Furious 250SC ¥ 19580
Furious 250NK ¥ 19280
Flash 150T ¥ 10800


Static part

Furious 250 NK Look


Furious 250 SC外 观


Flash 150T外 观


Furious 250 NK&SC driving experience
In the afternoon of the same day, Hanwei also provided three new cars for test drive, and we had a short experience of the three new cars in the factory.

First of all, the two Furious series vehicles, thanks to the weight of 145kg, have a light sense of handling. The body responds quickly when changing directions from left to right. In the curve experience, the body topples quickly, and the shock absorption in the curve can provide strong support. The front and rear brakes meet the daily braking requirements, but the braking force is gentle when decelerating sharply.


Both cars are equipped with engines from the same platform of Chunfeng 250NK. In terms of power, both cars tend to be sporty. At low speed, you can get a lot of acceleration. Until the middle and rear sections, you still have a good acceleration experience. Its power level meets most players who tend to be dynamic.



In terms of the vibration experience, the engine of the two cars can obviously feel the vibration at about 6000rpm. If you drive the car daily at 4000rpm, you won't feel too uncomfortable.
Flash 150T driving experience
Although the Flash150T is released as a new product in China this time, it has been sold overseas for many years, so the overall driving feeling is very mature. Although the appearance tends to European style, I think it is more like Japanese style in terms of handling and power.




In terms of power, the engine output is gentle. Even if the accelerator is turned to the end quickly, the power is slowly transferred to the rear wheels, without a sudden jump. It is very suitable for players who like smooth driving.
It can be seen from this press conference that the new products released by Hanwei Locomotive will affect many model markets. This effort proves that the domestic market will also be the main force in the subsequent production. From the product perspective, the model has been verified in overseas markets for many years, and is more reliable than the fledgling model in terms of quality and stability.
For now, the three new cars provide more choices of quality and fun for novice players. In the future, it is believed that Hanwei Locomotive will create more models suitable for domestic consumers.


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Hanwei brand is based in Europe and going global

Changzhou Hande Locomotive Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a company focusing on locomotive design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service and locomotive culture communication, and has accumulated rich experience and achievements in the locomotive field. The company has been committed to building a global distribution and after-sales service network, and researching and developing innovative products. At present, all products produced are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. In May 2014, the company completed the first phase of a 10000 square meter workshop in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Jiangsu, mainly for office, R&D and assembly workshops; Phase II plant covers an area of more than 8000 square meters, mainly used in engine, stamping, welding and other workshops; The company covers an area of 26640 square meters. At present, the enterprise has more than 150 in-service employees, of which 30% are technical and professional managers, and 50% are graduates from universities or technical secondary schools; The annual production capacity of 100000 complete vehicles and 80000 engines can be reached.

Hanwei Locomotive officially entered the country, giving perfect feedback to users' expectations

Founded in 2008, Hanwei Locomotive has always been committed to foreign markets, adhered to the path of independent research and innovation, and accumulated certain experience in the field of locomotive design and manufacturing. This year, Hanwei Locomotive decided to return to the domestic market. On August 7, it released three models in Zhongguancun International Hotel, Liyang, Changzhou. The sports retro model: Furious250SC (HD250), the street car model: Furious250NK (HD250-A), and the urban wheel pedal Flash150T. Chen Yiming, the general manager of the company, explained the return to the domestic market in simple terms, Geng Zhi, the general manager of Chunfeng Power Sales Company, was invited to give a presentation on the two new models of Hanwei's power. At last, Zhang Hongbo, the secretary general of China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, made a summary speech, giving high expectations to Hanwei, as well as an analysis and introduction of the domestic two wheeled car consumer market. Agents and media from all over the country witnessed Hanwei's official entry into China. In order to meet the personalized and diversified needs of domestic consumption, Hanwei will use perfect service to feed back the expectations of users.



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